Our Goal for Food Assistance

The goal of Living Water's food program is to share the gospel with clients and assist people who need short term support. It is the hope of Living Water that those who receive help will become self-sufficient, then one day assist and give back to the community. Due to limited resources, Living Water will offer only short term assistance for clients receiving food.


  • Food is available to any person on an emergency, walk-in basis for a quantity sufficient to last until the regular weekly distribution.
  • The weekly food service is held every WEDNESDAY -- registration is from 9 - 9:45 am, the doors are locked at 9:45 and the service then begins.
  • The first time a person comes to receive food assistance on WEDNESDAY, they will be given paperwork to fill out and must present an ID card or drivers liscense and their Social Security card.
  • After completeing the paperwork, the client will be issued the first of 3 punch cards -- one punch card has 10 punches, meaning the client can get food 10 times on that card, they will be given a total of 3 cards equalling 30 times they can receive food assistance from Living Water.
  • The client does not have to use the punches on the card consecutively, they have the freedom to come to the WEDNESDAY food service and use the next punch on their punch card whenever they need it.
  • Every family receives the same amount and types of food.
  • The food provided by Living Water is meant to be a supplement to the food that the individual/family is already purchasing and will not be sufficient to meet the full food needs of a family for an entire week.
  • Any food given beyond the 3rd punch card is reserved for those clients who are age 65 or older, disabled, or have suffered a catastrophic event directly to the household within the past 3 months (i.e. death, fire, debilitating accident, etc.).