Ministry Goals

Our Mission Statement

"Meeting people where they are with the love and compassion of Christ while seeking to reconcile their lives and souls to God."


Living Water exists to provide services to the people of Hutchinson County with the following goals in mind:

  1. To expand the kingdom of God:  Living Water staff and volunteers will present a positive witness and provide a safe place of refuge and hope by meeting specific personal and physical needs in a practical and spiritual way.
  2. To build the local church:  Living Water staff and volunteers' purpose is to build up and equip individuals and families in preparation for joining with a local church body.  We believe the local church is the best place to continue to teach and foster positive relationships with God and others.  It is our prayer that families and individuals might live godly and abundantly -- attaining to a fullness of life; mentally, physically, and spiritually.
  3. To enact social change:  Last but not least, it is our hope that every service provided at Living Water will cause individuals and families to be on the road to self sufficiency.

We will always encourage people to act responsibly in society. We will point individuals to other helping agencies and programs in our area when needed.