The Life of Living Water

Around 1999, Andy Dietz presented an idea to the deacons of First Baptist Church.  Andy was the minister over the benevolence of the church at the time and was concerned that people were going from church-to-church to get the assistance they needed.  So he presented the idea of opening a ministry sponsored by the churches in Borger where people could go to one place to get assistance.  It would be a place where people could be helped with food and clothing and financial assistance -- and hopefully be sponsored by many churches in our community.  Then when people came to the churches, they could direct them to this ministry.

That idea sat on the table for a few years until Conny Moore took up the challenge of making it happen.  Under his direction, Living Water Ministries, Inc. was birthed in September 2002.  Many people became involved.  The building was donated by Maxine Stuller at 4th & Main which would become the site of the new ministry.  Many men from First Baptist Church spent lots of hours transforming the building to make it usable.  Vonna Humphries became the first Executive Director of Living Water. She continued in that position for 5 critical years.  Vonna was assisted by volunteers in teh office who helped clients with utility and financial needs.  Dru Grogan, former manager of United Supermarkets, had just retired and became the manager of the food ministry of Living Water.  Under his able direction, he ordered, organized and helped us learn how to distribute food to clients.  Several women started the clothing room ministry -- sorting and displaying clothing so people could have a "shopping experience" when they came.

Other churches quickly became involved with Living Water.  The churches which have been involved at one time or another include First Baptist Church, Keeler Baptist Church, Fairlanes Baptist Church, Cornerstone Church, Fellowship Baptist Church, Grace Fellowship, Riverview Baptist Church, Bunavista Baptist Church, Faith Covenant, Fortress Baptist Church, Borger Missionary Baptist Church and Celebration Family Church and the Dorcas Sunday School Class of First Baptist Stinnett.  Some have been involved since the early beginnings of Living Water and some came on later.  All of these churches have been necessary to the sustainability of the ministry.

In 2006, Conny Moore applied for United Way funds -- and began Living Water's involvement with them.  Since then, Living Water has received funds from the United Way for Food Distribution, School Supplies for Teachers, Utility Bill Assistance, among other things.  Then in March 2007, Becky Dietz became the Executive Director of Living Water and then retired in December 2012.  In January of 2011, Selena McClellan was hired as the Assistant Director under Becky and became the Executive Director in January 2013 -- she is still the current Director.  Cindy Torio was hired as the new Administrative Assistant in January 2013 and stayed with Living Water until December of that year.   

The ministries that Living Water is involved in today includes Utility Bill Assistance, Food Assistance, and Clothing Assistance.